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If you have a quality problem with your restoration, structure, implant material, filling or other treatment performed at Smile Terminal Dentistry, we will repair, correct or replace the problem at our clinic free of charge, subject to the terms of the warranty.



Metal-ceramic, pressed ceramic, zirconium crowns3 years
Metal-ceramic, zirconium bridges3 years
Light polymerisable aesthetic fillings1 year
Inlay, onlay - aesthetic1 year
Press ceramic, porcelain, direct shell2 years
NOBEL Biocare and AlphaBio implants for material defectsLifetime Warranty
Implantation5 years
Partial and complete removable dentures, prostheses2 years

  The warranty is valid, provided that the above treatments and dental appliances are used as intended.



– You attend the check-up appointments predetermined by our dentist (regularly, usually every 6 months) and you receive the maintenance treatment recommended by your dentist (for example: scaling, polishing...), which may be carried out at a frequency that varies from person to person.
- You will use your final prosthetic work (dentures, crowns, veneers and other dental work) as intended.
- You will maintain proper oral hygiene as expected and prescribed by your dental professional.
- You comply with the rules described in the "Information" document.

You will not be able to exercise the warranty in the following cases:
- You will not be able to exercise the warranty in the following cases:
- You fail to attend regular check-ups as required.
- Temporarily glued fixed replacements - bridges, crowns damaged by misuse
- Lesions caused by smoking or drug use
- Nocturnal teeth grinding, bruxism
- In case of lesions or abnormal functioning of the jaw joint
- Natural atrophy of the teeth, gums and jawbone and its consequences
- In the case of mechanical injuries caused by impact or forceful external impact (injuries caused by accidents, sports activities or other extreme activities)
- If you do not follow the advice and oral hygiene rules recommended by your dentist
- The following systemic diseases affecting the oral condition: osteoporosis, iron deficiency anaemia, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, cystic condition, reduced immune status
- lesions not foreseeable on the basis of radiography and which require further treatment
- In the event of financial debts to the clinic
- In the case of treatments, implants, restorations or prosthetic work carried out by any third party (other dentistry, person or company not employed by Smile Terminal).

The warranty is also not applicable to temporary fillings, temporary prostheses, temporary dentures!
You are responsible for any travel and other incidental expenses incurred during the treatment.
Before any dental treatment, the dentists at Smile Terminal Dentistry will provide you with detailed information in the form of a written Price Offer or Treatment Plan for all possible treatment alternatives, with no hidden costs. We guarantee that the content of the signed Treatment Plan/Price quotation is valid and complete.
If a treatment not previously described in the Treatment Plan is carried out for you by our Dentist, we will not charge you for any treatment not included in the Price Quotation!
Furthermore, if after signing the quotation there is an increase in the price of any of our services included in your treatment plan, our Dentistry will not charge you the additional cost of this increase!

You may need to return to our clinic to adjust the correct bite position/ bite height during the preparation of the prosthesis/filling, which is part of the treatment phase and therefore not a warranty repair/treatment, and the bite correction is free of charge!




To make your visit super quick and efficient, we try to schedule our dentists and hygienists to fit your schedule around your needs. Each member of our team is a professional in their respective fields. We are confident that whoever you end up with, you will be satisfied. If there's a specific dentist or hygienist you want to see, call us on +36 20 499 9900 and we'll make sure we can find a suitable appointment for you.

Our full-service Budapest dental studio offers a range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services.

You will find a convenient place in the parking lot of Corvin Plaza, 30 meters from our place, where you can park 1 hour free of charge.

You can pay by cash or credit card.

You can also pay with one of the below health insurance cards:

OTP, Prémium, MedicinaTEMPO, MKB-Pannonia, Allianz Hungária, Dimenzió, Generali, Izys, Vasutas, Vitamin, Életút Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár; Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Rt., Új Pillér, Danubius Gyógyüdülők Egészségpénztára, Aranykor Országos Önkéntes Egészségpénztár, AXA Önkéntes Egészségpénztár, Patika Önkéntes Kölcsönös Egészségpénztár.

You can also pay for certain treatments with your OTP, MKB or K&H SZÉP card.

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