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Implantation, dental implantation

Implantation, dental implantation

Tooth implantation is the artificial replacement of a tooth root which is placed in a pre-designed position in the jaw. A tooth replacement, i.e. a crown, a full bridge or a removable denture, is placed on top of the implant(s). The dental implant is made of titanium, a material that does not irritate the surrounding tissues and is biocompatible, so it fits perfectly into the bone tissue. The latter is the process of osteogenesis. If you do not have enough bone, a sinus lift may be necessary to replace the bone.

Our patients can choose between two types of implant systems:

Alpha Bio's cost-effective implants have been available in our country for over a decade. In 2008, the company was acquired by Nobel Biocare, the world's leading implant manufacturer. The company which has a worldwide presence, is dedicated to developing and creating high-quality dental solutions. In more than 28 years of activity, the company has developed a long list of innovative products and services aimed at providing patients with a high quality of life and the best possible aesthetic solutions. The Alpha-Bio. Implants provide a comfortable solution that brings you as close as possible to the feeling of having a natural teeth.

Nobel Biocare implants
Nobel Biocare is a market leader in the premium category for dental implant types. The Swedish company Nobel Biocare made the first implants at a time when tooth implantation was still in its infancy. The result of half a century of research and development, it is now available to millions of people worldwide.

implantáció, fogbeültetés


Nobel implant: 360.000 HUF

Included in the package:
zirconium crown: 100.000 HUF + constructions: 60.000 HUF + Nobel implant: 200.000 HUF

Alpha implant: 295.000 HUF

Included in the package:
zirconium crown: 100.000 HUF + constructions: 60.000 HUF + Alpha implant: 135.000 HUF

The indicated prices may change individually for each patient depending on the oral hygiene condition and the additional devices and procedures to be used, but naturally in such cases we will discuss this with you in advance!


  1. Pre-implantation assessment and consultation

A successful implant procedure is preceded by a thorough and detailed assessment and consultation. The oral surgeon outlines the implantation procedure and the follow-up work while the patient can ask the oral surgeon questions.

  1. Preparation for treatment

In order to plan the treatment a CT scan is always necessary to map the location of the dental implant, the quality and quantity of bone and whether bone grafting will be necessary.

  1. Placement of the dental implant screw

Local anaesthesia is administered before the procedure so that the patient will not feel any pain during the dental surgery. The implant is placed in the bone using mechanical and manual instruments and the dental implant is then screwed into the bone socket and sealed with a so-called closing screw,and the incisions in the gums are then stitched. Afterwards a control x-ray is taken to check and confirm that the implant is in the right place.

  1. Gingiva shaping

For a perfect result, gum shaping is required 10 days before the imprint is taken. For this procedure, the closing screws are replaced with gum shaping screws. The aim is to achieve a more natural and aesthetic result.

  1. Imprint taking and planning

After the technical imprint head has been inserted, a control x-ray is taken to ensure that the imprint head is correctly positioned and a precision imprint is taken, based on which a customized implant crown is made in the dental laboratory.

  1. Structure test

The semi-finished work sent from the dental laboratory is tried in by the dentist to ensure that it fits perfectly into the thread of the implant.

  1. Handover

If all the conditions are met during the structure test, the dental laboratory will deliver the finished work. If the patient is satisfied, the dentist will then hand over the work using bonded or screw technology.

  1. Follow-up work

Finally, on the next day, the bite height is adjusted and the prosthesis is aligned at the checkpoint.


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What are the medical requirements for dental implant placement?

Dental implants can be placed in any age (in a fully developed jaw), as long as the patient has sufficient bone tissue. Most healthy people with good oral hygiene are suitable for dental implantation.

Factors that can interfere with the integration of a dental implant:

- Heavy smoking: hinders the healing process and poses a risk of infection

- Excessive alcohol consumption: impedes the healing process of the gums

- Gum atrophy: must be treated before dental implantation, as severe gum atrophy can lead to thinning of the jaw bone

- Weakened immune system: steroids, radiotherapy, autoimmune disease

- In the case of teeth grinding, night-time splinting is recommended to prevent the force of the grinding from causing a piece of the porcelain crown to pop off

- Diabetes: slows down the healing process, increases the risk of infections and other complications.

To make your visit super quick and efficient, we try to schedule our dentists and hygienists to fit your schedule around your needs. Each member of our team is a professional in their respective fields. We are confident that whoever you end up with, you will be satisfied. If there's a specific dentist or hygienist you want to see, call us on +36 20 499 9900 and we'll make sure we can find a suitable appointment for you.

Our full-service Budapest dental studio offers a range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services.

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You can also pay with one of the below health insurance cards:

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You can also pay for certain treatments with your OTP, MKB or K&H SZÉP card.

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