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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

We are happy to offer our patients the most modern aesthetic dental treatments and innovative solutions at our dental clinic in Budapest.

A beautiful, aesthetic, healthy set of teeth is one of the key factors for a confident, natural smile. Whether it's a simple procedure or a more complex treatment, our professionals offer the best of their knowledge. Don't hesitate any longer, make an appointment as soon as possible!

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening thanks to the Blach'n Smile Automix plasma whitening treatment. Why bother with all the half-measures and products at home when you can trust a specialist to take care of your teeth? One of the most popular aesthetic treatments is teeth whitening which makes a spectacular difference if you have brownish, yellowish discolouration on your teeth.

If the passage of time, smoking, regular coffee consumption or a root canal has left its mark on your teeth, this is the place to start - if you are looking for a noticeable aesthetic change, you should definitely try this!

Teeth whitening
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Aesthetic fillings

White fillings / aesthetic fillings using only the most modern and reliable composite materials. We provide professional, long-term solutions that are aesthetically pleasing.

Our high quality fillings stand the test of time and are colour-matched to your teeth so that they are unnoticeable. Don't wait for irreversible decay damage, get ahead of the problem by visiting our dentistry!

Dental scaling

Ultrasonic vibrations are used to remove plaque, tartar and other deposits. Our aesthetic dentistry is frequently visited by patients for plaque removal, knowing that plaque and other harmful deposits are one of the causes of various periodontal diseases.

Regularity of your visits depends mainly on your oral hygiene, the composition of your saliva and your eating habits. It's definitely worth getting it checked twice a year!

teeth polishing, airflow

Teeth polishing, airflow

Teeth polishing is done in hard-to-reach areas, in the interdental spaces, using an airflow (powder) polisher. It's not unpleasant at all and is highly recommended after scaling because it removes bacteria and residues stuck in crevices even in hard-to-reach places. Make an appointment for scaling, sit back and leave it to our expert technicians!

Dental veneers, porcelain veneers

Aesthetic and functional correction of irregularly shaped, worn, chipped or discoloured teeth with dental veneers. Our aesthetic treatments also include corrections with dental veneers, which are specifically designed to correct minor aesthetic defects.

Our dentists will give you all the information you need. Consult them about your aesthetic dental issues!

dental veeners, porcelain veeners


Not only do we offer high quality services to our patients but we also provide detailed information on everything from online appointment bookings to parking facilities near our practice. Check out our website for all your questions and if we've convinced you, book an appointment for aesthetic dentistry!

To make your visit super quick and efficient, we try to schedule our dentists and hygienists to fit your schedule around your needs. Each member of our team is a professional in their respective fields. We are confident that whoever you end up with, you will be satisfied. If there's a specific dentist or hygienist you want to see, call us on +36 20 499 9900 and we'll make sure we can find a suitable appointment for you.

Our full-service Budapest dental studio offers a range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services.

You will find a convenient place in the parking lot of Corvin Plaza, 30 meters from our place, where you can park 1 hour free of charge.

You can pay by cash or credit card.

You can also pay with one of the below health insurance cards:

OTP, Prémium, MedicinaTEMPO, MKB-Pannonia, Allianz Hungária, Dimenzió, Generali, Izys, Vasutas, Vitamin, Életút Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár; Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Rt., Új Pillér, Danubius Gyógyüdülők Egészségpénztára, Aranykor Országos Önkéntes Egészségpénztár, AXA Önkéntes Egészségpénztár, Patika Önkéntes Kölcsönös Egészségpénztár.

You can also pay for certain treatments with your OTP, MKB or K&H SZÉP card.

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